Empty fields
April - June 2016
The exhibition is shaped around the inventory catalog of more than a century-old natural science collection of the Museum of Anatolia College, Merzifon, Turkey. 
Migrating Spaces
Architecture and Identity in the Context of Turkish Migration
June - July 2016
When people move, so do spaces, along with images, cultural practices and lifestyles. Migrating Spaces examines the common elements of domestic architecture in Germany that are integrated into homes built by former guest workers upon their “definitive return” to Turkey.
Uzun Perşembe / Long Thursday
February 2016
Launched in May 2012, on Long Thursdays visitors can participate in free exhibition and building tours, as well as benefit from special discounts in the Café and Bookstore at SALT Galata. In addition, on permanent view at SALT Galata is the Ottoman Bank Museum, which, through its collection, sheds a different light on the world of the late Ottoman era and the early Republic period. SALT Research, with its comprehensive library and archives, also remains open on Long Thursdays until 20.00.

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